Hello, I’m Tammi. I’m a mentor, an intuitive, a soul seeker. I have always been all of those things, I just lost my way, lost myself, somewhere and it took me a while to find my way back to who I truly am. To own it. Believe it. Live it.

I’m pretty sure I have always been a sensitive soul. I feel like I remember being that way when I was really young. Loving being outside, talking to the trees, writing poems for the birds, believing in fairies, ghosts and spirits. As I got older I must have learnt that I needed to toughen up, to put up a front, to be sensible. I know I built a wall and put most of those things I’d treasured away.

As happens in life, time went by quickly. I got the degree, got the job, got married, got the house, had my beautiful babies. I had really good jobs with really good companies. Problem was I really didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder. I just wanted to have a simple life where I had time to do the things I really loved.  But people were relying on me, had expectations of me. I felt that I couldn’t let them down. I couldn’t be that selfish and put myself first.

Thankfully – as also happens in life – there were wonderful coincidences, rude awakenings and other things that happened that eventually helped me to change – to reconnect to who I really am deep down in my heart and soul. Looking back now I can also very clearly see the opportunities I didn’t take and the signs I ignored that were the universe trying to help me but I just wasn’t ready to listen.

Fast forward to now. I have learnt so much and now get to share that, use that to help others create a life aligned to their heart and soul through my own blend of coaching, mentoring, mindset and energy work.

I’m a certified life coach, EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner and Reiki master. I have also completed courses in a number of other energy modalities and techniques. So I have a whole range of ways I can support you at a mindset, energy and practical level.